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    Will Squads's Wargame and Safeguard be playable solo offline?

      Clan members keep asking me about this as well as if they can use Create a Soldier offline.   I check the trailer


      And the menus seem to imply that Squads and Create a Soldier will be accessible offline, especially since Squads is it's own option separate from Multiplayer in the menu.

      Some of us do in fact play offline from time to time, and some only play offline, Squads would

      be more valuable if it's playable solo offline.  I mean it makes sense.  Wargame and Safeguard are about fighting bots,  and you can team up with your a.i. created soldiers,  so it does make sense for those modes and features to be 100% accessible without online connection and can be played solo if players prefer, for training, for fun, etc. 

      So is this confirmed?  

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          Re: Will Squads's Wargame and Safeguard be playable solo offline?

          Bots in offline multiplayer have been directly confirmed to me via Twitter to @candyslexia, here:


          "Me: Will Ghosts feature Bots/AI in offline multiplayer? Thanks in advance!

          @candyslexia: yep"


          I trust that. Also, if you watch IGN's In Depth videos on Squads mode being released daily this week, I believe that Mark Rubin states that Squads will be playable fully both online and offline. The Squads menu also has an option for local. Whether or not you'll be able to earn XP and level up, buy stuff, etc. while offline remains a mystery, but one can always hope.

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