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    Dedicated Servers

      We need dedicated servers so many people hacking blacks ops 2 hell that y its a dying game.

      every day I get on the same old bs day after day. hell black ops had Dedicated Servers and we paid for them and will again to get raid of the hacking.

      come on admin answer this for me.

      or step 2 go to battlefield they got punkbuster and Dedicated Servers

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          roger that...I have bf3 and am getting bf4 have it on beta now...might be an option

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            The game is a dying game because it had the lowest sales since MW2 and it is almost a year old which means it is nearing its end. Hacking has nothing to do with having dedicated servers - we have dedicated servers - the tools required to manage & admin the servers are whats missing. It's topics like this that make these "feature requests" seem stupid and make the developers not take us seriously when we don't know what we are talking about.


            @UndreamtStone: Good luck with that. BF is not a replacement for COD in any way shape or form. It's a totally different game. The BF4 beta player movement is even more horrible than BF3 was.

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                I know I have played both and they are truly different totally....but dedicated servers help if you have the admins...hacks can be banned from that server...we know what we are saying and have even given activision and treyarch ideas or solutions to problems we all face in bo2...some of us are not just complaining...we are giving solutions to what we think might help fix the problems

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                    Not just complaining? I haven't been on here in over a month and almost every single topic I just looked at is plastered with your posts and a select few others constantly complaining about cheats, ping or lag - over and over and over again. It's so depressing...

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                        whatever dude...its called frustration when you send in solutions to problems and never hear back from anyone there is nothing else to do but keep posting hoping someone will wake up and look at the problems we are having...you don't like it...stop reading my posts