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    looking for a team

      Xbox360 pacopenguin1 k.d is 1.47 Must be a team of players of the age 20+. Not interested in working with younger.

      I only play search and destroy. My score per minute is (81) kills 1659/1251 death

      I want a team that is experienced in search and destroy. I would like it to have the following.

      GOOD communication.

      plays often together even if its only for a few hours a day.

      DOES NOT BLAME, I see this to much in teams in public matches. Hurts the team all together.


      So are there any teams that are like this?

      Any that are taking new members to PLAY with, and not for backup.

      If the team already has an active team I will not join, I am looking for a team I can actually play with.


      Please and thank you for invites

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