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    Zombies Own Game Petition

      I am a big fan of Zombies. And as a big fan I want to see activision fetch out a purely Zombies/Nazi Zombies game. Including game missions and zombies side missions like what we have on black ops 2.


      Who's with Me?

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          Re: Zombies Own Game Petition

          I wanted the same thing. Now that I think about it..NO. You and I both know they would just ruin it. Resident Evil Operartion Racoon city..was good and all. It just didnt feel like a zombie game to me. Felt more like old school Syphon Filter or something. I think it could be a success IF and I mean IF they don't change the whole Survival type gameplay. No Life bars, just 2 swipes and your dead. I think if they stick to survival type gameplay, added way bigger maps and just gave us like 3 new maps every DLC..could be a success really. We love zombies, I like the idea of TRANZIT..it was fun it gave off a Real world vibe. Before we were really isolated to one place or area. I would have loved to run around outside on NACHT. They can make it work, but like I said they will just fuk it up. I know it. Imagine if they ever decide to make a Nazi Zombie movie. Like every Game to Movie before it. IT WILL SUCK !!!

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