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    Recruitment for Fallen Gaming PT (PS3/PS4)

      Feel free to apply to Fallen Gaming PT. For the record many people have doubts because of the PT on the Clan Title it's because I, the leader, am portuguese, from Portugal.


      In this clan we do not demand a mic, but it would be nice if you had one. But, however, I repeat we do NOT demand it. Just let us know.

      We are in this clan to go to tournaments and championships, but particularly we are here to have fun and to win. We don't care about your K/D ratio


      Call of Duty®: Ghosts


      here is the link for the application


      Home | Fallen Gaming


      here is our forum, sign up and login to it. Become a full Fallen Gaming Member


      Please if you want to join us leave a reply with your  playstation network ID, and also add me on PS3. ID: yikes23