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    [PS3][PS4] Rate of Fire

      RoF is back and ready to be bigger and better than ever. Ghosts is just around the corner and we are looking to recruit some mature, dedicated and great call of duty players to join our tight nit group of players. We strive on winning the game by using great communication, call outs and team work as well as great tactics.


      We play both competitive and casually, but we mostly pub stomp. I have yet to find us lose many games when playing as a full 6 piece squad. If you are aged 14 or over have a 1.00+ KD live in the EU and play PS3/PS4 then you are eligible to apply to join us over on the RoF website.


      The website is a key part of the application process it will hold all information for inter clan competitions, clan battles, clan wars and any other event information. The website also allows you to gain ranks and points to spend within the forum just for some fun. The site will also include all up to date information on new and upcoming call of duty games as well as other big titles.


      If you feel you could bring more to our squad with your awesome game or even with some lively personality. Check us out. You are required to register on the site before applying.