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    For you who have a youtube channel

      Im kinda new on this with the whole youtube thing . I started a youtube channel 2009 but 3 months ago I decided to put some

      Black Ops 2 gameplays on it . So now to my question . You who already have a channel with gameplays on it from cod or bf " it doesn't really matter " can you recommend a good way to get subs ? how did you get yours etc etc . I have been asking for shoutouts from people with no respons whatsoever . Is there a change you could take a look at my channel www.youtube.com/zpajj and tell me if i'm doing something wrong or should add something to the videos ?


      Thats all for me , have a niceday guys and with a little luck we might bump to eachother online !


      // Bjorkman

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          Re: For you who have a youtube channel

          I don't have a YT channel but if I did, I would put together some really good gameplays and send my best one or two of them to some mid-sized and larger channels with a note saying simply that you are a long time subscriber and would like to play with them sometime.  If they get to know you a little and like you then they probably would post your video on their channel without you even needing to ask for a shout out.  And of course the other thing is that you need to have a load of content ready for viewing when people do show up to your channel.  Otherwise they might like your gameplay but not bother subscribing simply because they don't think that you are going to put enough effort into it to be worth their time.

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              Re: For you who have a youtube channel

              Thx for the answers !

              I've already tried with the " sending a video to them etc etc " .

              But as I am new with the youtube i don't have so many videos out yet , but i'm trying to put out as much as I can .

              Alot of my time goes to work as I am working and also have a kid to take care of , so any little extra time i get I go and play a " bad ass gameplay " haha , no but a normal gameplay that is worth to watch


              I'm not trying to get really big , but with little over 1000 subs would do just fine for me as I see this youtube thing as somekind of just for fun thing . But thx again for the answer and I will see what I will come up with

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              Re: For you who have a youtube channel

              four words: play with famous youtubers.

              M3RKMUS1C, Whiteboy7th, you get the idea.

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