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          Re: Ghost Clan - Join! (PS3/PS4)

          Looking for a clan on PS4 for Ghosts that I will be playing Nov. My userid is Lagswitched_   (no i dont, but felt it was intimidating name) on PS3. I primarily play TDM and Dom.  In TDM, my KD is 1.59 with 283 SPM. I am more run and gun style with AN94. I am 34 and I'm team oriented. I work alot of hours but always particpate in clan ops during the day on weekdays.  With approval from wifeee(don't laugh), I can join important clan vs clan battles late at night after work. Looking for a home and clan that wants to compete for territories in new ghosts COD.


          If you are interested, hit me up so we can both ask questions and see if I would be a good fit.  I live in chicago.




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