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    [XBOX One] // Zeonic Force Gaming //  | Mature & Competitive Clan |

      ..:: // Zeonic Force Gaming // ::..







      [Mission Statement]


      Tired of being the top leader of the lobby but yet you are still loosing games? Tired of telling people directions but they don't listen? You need to join ZF an organized gaming community specialized on Call of Duty. Yes, we are all about Call of Duty. Join us and experience playing with fanatics and gamers who love this game as much as you do. Play with players that knows how to play with a team and play to win. Stop having such a good KDR but a bad W/L Ratio. We are a group of people who love Call of Duty and want to spread the word. We are here...We will fight...We won't back down.


      [Favorite Game Modes]



      Team Deathmatch


      Kill Confirm

      Clan Wars



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