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    Mics, Headsets, ETC.

      Ok well I'm posting this here because Zombies and Mics, go hand and hand. This isn't just for PS3 players, if you X-boxers know anything about this I'd like to know. I've been having trouble with my PS3 wireless head set. and now I lost the USB connection so..Fuk it !

      So I've been using a Bluetooth, and while it does do the job. I'm just not 100 % happy with it. I've been looking at this PS3 Chat Headset at Wally's and its only $20. Now I dont expect much for $20, but I do want quality. Any feedback on these.. I trust you guys, you guys spend more time gaming then me. I'd imagine some of you have or have had these before.



      This is the only thing I could find on them.. but they are like $19.98 at Wally's.. I do perfer wired..call me crazy but I do. Wired products to me are just not as delicate to me..Should I or shouldn't I ????