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    zombies rant AND plea for help! (origins high rounds/Xbox 360)

      I truly cant believe that I cant find people to play with. ALWAYS there is the one guy who talks the talk but either cant walk the walk or just likes to troll people and ruin games.


      My high round is 42, I need to go higher after all the work it takes to get through upgrading the staffs and fists it just doesn't seem worth it to have someone leave because they are bored or end the game because for one reason or another. There MUST people that are serious about spending the time in the game and enjoy playing in the higher rounds(40+).


      Im not the greatest player but I don't quit over downs or deaths and I don't start a game knowing I cant finish it.

      Trouble is I cant find good enough players who don't mind reviving team mates or getting downed or not getting a certain staff. The public match community is full of racist idiots, ignorant trolls and rank snobs and they have just about taken all the fun out of the game.


      I NEED players who aren't like that...


      People who care more about high rounds than rank, are willing to play as a team, have the will and time to spend in a good long game PLEASE message me, either here or my 360 GT  DeadRebel313

      I don't care what your rank is or how old you are as long as you are respectful and cooperative, obviously it helps to have a mic and know something about the map as well


      My fear is that not many people fit the description I am looking for...please prove me wrong...