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    Veterans Elite

      Veterans Elite is a new Call of Duty clan made especially for Ghosts. Current members so far are from the same clan iA. We were level 50 in MW3 after 6 months, unfortunately like many other clans fell by the wayside for Black Ops 2, we only got to level 19. Anyway, Veterans Elite has been setup to provide a place for players who maybe only ever play with 1 or 2 friends, or play solo, but would like the chance to play as a team....myabe you are a competitive player, then you will fit in also. The hope is to have a cross section of the community. We welcome any new members, regardless of skill level, as long as you play and are willing to learn, we'll help you. So give me a shout either here or on XBox. Gamertag XRatedHamster. Twitter @_VeteransElite_ If you cant get me, try Xbox gamertag Sgt Bumwhiskers. Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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          II'm looking for a clan that wants to compete and play together as a team.. I have been in a clan before but the leader disbanded clan.. I have preordered ghost for Xbox one.. Check me out on BO2 , BOMMARITO 07  see if I am a good fit... I have no prob trying out.. Thanks

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              Nice one dude, where are you from?? I should mention we are all XBox, but hey glad to have new guys on board. I forgot to put in the link to the clan, but here it is. goo.gl/1VJvvp Just hit apply dude, if you're keen to play as you say, we're keen to have you.