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    You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

      Hello, after the recent Steam update I can no longer play Black Ops 2 for more than 2 minutes on multiplayer. Right after roughly 2 minutes, it disconnects me and says "You've been disconnected from Black Ops II servers". This has never happened before so frequently. I experienced it once or twice months ago when my WiFi connection dropped, but that's it.


      I have tried to restart my machine, I also verified the game cache in steam, re-installed vcredist_x86.exe in the /SteamApps/common/Call of Duty Black Ops II/redist folder and also reinstalled DirectX as mentioned on another Steam thread.


      I've been playing off WiFi for the last 2 years and never had this happen. Nothing has changed on my router also. This started to occur immediately upon the Steam client being updated. I have tried to see if anyone else was experiencing it but so far it seems to be isolated to my machine.


      Out of curiosity, is the message "You've been disconnected from Black Ops II servers" related to any bans or reports? Or possibly someone hacking my CD key and using it on another machine? To my knowledge nobody has accused me of any "hacking" but someone recently complained that I was using a "speed hack" -- if there is such a thing. I have an MSI GT70 with super quick SSD drives and I use a Logitech G500 gaming mouse with a very high DPI setting, so yes, my mouse movements are fast. But to consider this might be related to someone reporting me and accusing me of exploiting the game would be extremely stupid, especially considering I only have a 1.42 k/d on the game because I actually get shot. So no, I'm not "hacking."


      If someone has any information that could assist me it would be greatly appreciated. Again, this occurred right after installing the recent Steam client update yesterday 10/12.


      Thank you.

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          Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

          That's the cause of teleporting about in the game with wireless. Wireless have very high data packets loss and data errors.


          You are getting lag advantage and the purpose of lag compensation is to allow you to move freely without the annoying rubberbanding effects when gaming. But what others are seeing from their view is when they receive your data. When the data is received in others, the movement will attempt to synchronize (from other's people PC)  the time delay but instead of a fluid movement, they make you run at very high speed like a speed hack.


          Use wired connection or use the powerline connection.  like this one for example.

          Network Powerline Products from NETGEAR®

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              Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...


              I have the same problem. It's not wifi related. I played a few months on wifi without any problem. Now almost a year with ethernet without isseus. It's now for a week a have this problem. My connection is fast and stable. But after 2 minutes playing i got disconnected. I can directly rejoin. So someone got an answer?




              Playing in Belgium.

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                  Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

                  Dont cheat next time ! Good luck !

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                    Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

                    You'll need to check two things.


                    1. Check your internet connection from your ISP (internet service provider) and check from virus/Trojans/malware. Check Windows firewall to make sure BO2 is allowed.


                    2. Check your Router configuration for firewall, is it blocking anything like ports.


                    If the above does not work, check your PC. If it is Laptop/Notebook, might be that your laptop is failing.


                    Laptops/Notebook are known for bad data outgoing transmission when it comes to gaming regardless whether it's a high-end gaming laptop/notebook. They are made for single player games, not for Internet base games.


                    Outgoing data transmission is delayed for improving game play to avoid stuttering frames. This will improve the performance of the laptops/notebooks.

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                        Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

                        dude, you're not the only one, not only on multiplayer but even zombies!! I have the EXACT same problem but on PS3, i have wireless + cable connection. This happens sometimes to me (sometimes ps3 crash/freeze or time out with PSN)... Today (check the time i posted) i was playing zombies, i finally reached round 99 with packed blundergat (with acid gat) and RGM2 (Ray Gun Mark 2), i was like= YES!! I WILL REACH ROUND 100

                        but then= Frost, i waited and it said= You have been disconnected from the Call Of Duty Black Ops 2™ servers.

                        i stared 5 minutes like this= •_• (NOT KIDDING!) then after that= RAGE QUIT (i screamed everything out i had)

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                    Re: You've been disconnected from Black Ops servers...

                    Turn off the firewall



                    wooork 100%

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