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    Re: Cannot visit friends except Aura.  When visiting Aura, there is no button to return to kingdom.  When trying to load on a different device, Error Code 10 appears.  All of this happened within the last hour.  Any help?


      we we experience exactly the same issues, on all of our accounts.


      visiting Aura always works, other friends mostly not.


      When it's not working, the behaviour is often as follows:


      1. It says "saving to the cloud"

      2. The blueish screen appears, the circle rotates

      3. After a few seconds the chime sounds (same as when you hit the return home button)

      4. You return home, the error message "an error occurred visiting your friend, try again later"

      5. The friend is not marked as to be visited anymore, hence you lost the opportunity to collect those kudos