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    Ground War

      Sorry if this is a repost or has already been discussed, if so please delete! I keep hearing that the "Ground War" game mode has been removed for CoD Ghost, is this true? Does anyone have any links to more information about this, or is this just a rumor?


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          Re: Ground War

          Correct me if I'm wrong, but we have only seen a list of gamemodes, not one of playlists so far. So there will probably still be ground war.

          Also If it returns, I'd like to see Kill Confirmed removed from that playlist. Everyone skips it anyway. And NO, don't add Cranked.

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              Re: Ground War

              I disagree with the removal of Kill Confirmed. I think if Infinity Ward does what Treyarch did with kill confirmed it will be a very good gamemode. In BlackopsII it is more rewarding to confirm the tag than to get the kill. In MW3 and from the gameplay I've seen so far from Ghosts, it seems that it is better to camp at a tag and just kill people who try to confirm or deny the kill. Fun gamemode, untill you get campers and play it the IW way.

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