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    Registered wrong clan name, how to change?

      Was trying to register a clan name.  After trying several and finding out they were all taken, I finally hit on one.  Now the problem, I got a hit because I accidentally misspelled the name.  Must of been the frustration of trying so many that I hit the keys in the wrong order and of course it was accepted.  Would have appreciated a prompt that asks you if you're sure that's the name you want.


      Is there a way to get out of this clan and start over?  I obviously can't register a different name now that I have this mistake of a name.  I know that you have to wait until 11/5 to edit your clan but by then all of the good names or the correct name I wanted will definitely be taken.


      Would appreciate it if Activision would let you correct you mistakes now and not have to wait for month to do so.