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    Looking to start/join a Black Ops 2/Ghosts clan (Xbox 360)

      Hey everyone,


      I've been trying to find a clan that is active and competitive, but I haven't found one that seems to work for me yet. So, I'm looking for anyone who has a clan that I can join, or would be interested in starting one up with me. I will be getting Ghosts for sure, but only for the 360 for now. I'm looking to join or create a clan whose members are active on a daily basis, and actually party up and play together. Also, having people in the clan who play league and gamebattles would be great, since I enjoy the competitive side as well.


      I'm a very objective-minded player in both pubs and competitive. In pubs I'm an extremely aggressive SMG player and I'm almost always at the top of the leaderboard. In league and GB, I still usually play an aggresive SMG style, but I can adapt and play well with AR's and snipers as well. I know all callouts, spawns, and rotations for competitive maps. I'm a master rank in champions league.


      Some stats:


      K/D: 1.40

      SPM: 367


      I know the K/D and SPM are both low, but that's because I mess around with friends sometimes in S&D. When I play seriously, my K/D is usually closer to 2.0 and my SPM is above 400.


      If anyone has a clan that sounds like a good fit for me or is interested in starting one up with me, reply to this post or hit me up on XBL at my gamertag: GoldEagleX12