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    So i played MW2 for the first time tonight

      Geez, what a mess! First game I play, noobtubes everywhere! And they have unlimited grenades... great. And the shotguns, good god! They can hit you from across the map! They have more range than snipers- and don't even get me started on those OP QSing machines. Who thought it was a good idea to put a minimap on the gun? Really? And then, lag switchers appeared. Who would like this game?





      So you've probably realized that im not (too) serious. I just find it interesting that MW2 is considered perfect by some people who bash BO2 for things like shotguns, snipers, blah blah blah.

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          I'm not one of those people but there was something about that game that was smooooth. That game had so many problems and chaos, I loved it. Couldn't get enough. If there was any CoD title that embodied a love/hate relationship, that was it.

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            the things you are mentioning are hacks. his usually happens to games after a few years out. modern warfare WaW and mw2 are pretty much a hackers paradie , good luck trying to find a legit game. black ops is just starting with hackers but yiu can still get a legit game most of the time. what people are referencing about mw2 is the playability for all and the lag compensation working well, it was one of the best balanced firepower/killstreak wise and also matchmaking/ lag compensation cods made in a lot of players opinions. black ops 2 has just been a broken pr mess since day one and activision is counting the days until nov.5th

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              I always lol when someone screams about the R870 and then praises MW2 to the rafters

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                That game was good back when it was the newest title, then as all other games it becomes abused and seems different from the current.


                When you read the praises on it, its because that game was either the first COD game someone played, or the second and they missed that "feeling"

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                  I played over 2k games of MW2 multiplayer before i had to quit a game due to it been unplayable because of lag or connection issues, That beats all these crappy newer games into submission without question.

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                      MW2 is the greatest CoD game ever, I'm really sorry you played it for the first time so late. It was a super awesome game at its peak, and it's a great game now, but it has changed A LOT. There are only several thousand regular players in the world remaining, and a large number of those are different types of hackers. I personally played the game for like 4 years (never bought DLCs, only the original maps), and I wouldn't call myself a highly skilled player, but I learned tons of tricks and tactics for every situation on any map. I battle other good players and powerful hackers on daily basis, I force the modders to kick me out because I constantly ruin their plans to dominate, and I often help a team of legit players and only mild hackers win domination games against teams of experienced players with godlike hacks. And it's all super-fun, just stay in there, get used to everything without getting pissed (hackers, grenadiers, akimbo pistols and shotguns, campers...), develop your own strategies and own those fools