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    Re: Game crashed, progress gone!

      I have also lost my data and been restarted at level 1. I never had an Activate account, instead I logged in through my Facebook account. My account name is fornclakes1,real name Stuart Austin. So far I have spent £25.92 on purchasing gems and a couple of characters, and would really hope that my data can be saved. I was really enjoying the game up to the last update, when the problems seemed to have arisen.


      Much appreciated.

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          Hi Fornclakes,


          We have moved your post into a separate discussion to avoid any confusion and address your specific issue.


          Please provide us with the following information:


          1. Previous level.

          2. Indicate whether or not gems were lost.

          3. The device you are on as well as the iOS version.

          4. When the crash occurs (i.e. upon launching the app, visiting neighbors, etc.).

          5. Indicate any error message/code you may have received.


          Thanks ^AH

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              1. Level 24 I believe.

              2. All gems were lost.

              3. iPhone 4, iOS 7

              4. It occured when I went selected the app to play again. Asked for age verification and restarted the game from the very beginning.

              5. Since trying to see if I could restore the data from logging out and in again, I received an error 10 message.


              Many thanks.

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              Hi there,


              I was wondering if there had been any progress with my query?


              Many thanks.

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                  Hello Fornclakes


                  I am very sorry for the delay in response. I have taken down all of the information you have provided me and will be forwarding it up to our teams for further review. At this time I do not have an exact ETA on when this will be reviewed, but I will update you as soon as I hear something.



                  ATVI Support