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    Should The 4 Perk Limit Be Optional In Custom Games?

      Before you say no because you can get perk bottles from crawlers,witches, and the golden shovel I do want you to remember that in maps like Tranzit and Mob there is no perk bottles plus in Origins it's hard enough to get 5 perks unless you do the double tap challenge and get it as your number 5 perk. And before you say no again I want you to know this isn't going to hurt anyone or the leaderboards and even if it did the leaderboards will be beyond hacked in a few months after Treyarch leaves Black Ops 2. I know you'll say this will make the map to easy but the maps are already easy and you don't have to use it as it'll be a custom games only feature. Also you have a bunch of points after you get settled down that you have no clue to waste on this wouldn't hurt anyone but you because when you get downed you'll have to go get all your perks back.