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    Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

      Mix that with the one time I tried to re watch a match on theatre it would not load.

      I love BlackOps 2 so it annoys me to see it running like Halo 4 and by that I mean pathetically.

      Sometimes they send me a survey after a match to rate how smoothly the game was running. Pity I didn't get the survey today.

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          Re: Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

          You can't be having host migrations. Haven't you heard their running dedicated servers. Someone posted a video on here and there was a long discussion. It must be true I read it on here. (sarcasm)

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              Re: Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

              They were only running about 5 to 10 percent dedicated servers. And those stopped about three weeks ago, or so I have heard.


              And I got news for you. Expect some lobbies in Ghosts not to run on dedis either. They are running the game on Xboxes as well as dedicated servers. so if you are far away from a server or in a low populated area , your stuck.

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                  Re: Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

                  5-10 % of what. Who said they stopped 3 weeks ago. Ghosts won't have dedi's everywhere that's not breaking news. Everyone has already heard that it will be a hybrid system trying to give the best connection possible. If they are running on Xboxes servers than I should have the best connection in the world as I don't live to far from Kirkland, Wa. Now for my original question 5-10 percent of the people playing, how do they regulate that. Or was it 5-10% the possible servers they have. Why would they use dedicated servers on black ops 2 at the end of its life cycle. Ghosts has advertised that it will have dedicated servers on all platforms so xbox servers would only work for xbox. Are you saying that activision is the one putting on the dedicated servers. I thought it was IW. Like I said thought, correct me if I am wrong because I don't know. If it is IW then using them on black ops 2 wouldn't make sense. Also during that time I was still having host migrations and I practically live in Microsofts back yard. You would think they would have a server near their home office since many of the people that work there play cod. And I will not be playing ghosts on the xbox any way.

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                      Re: Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

                      Only some parts of America was getting them. Thats where I estimate 5 to 10 percent. I was getting them in half the games I joined. Lets just say a company isnt going to pay for 100 percent server usage when its not even ready yet. Their just going to pay for (less than) what they need for the moment.


                      BTW Living in Redmond doesnt mean you guys get the gold key to the crapper. They may have just paid to use MSs cloud servers in two or three key areas. Microsoft is near Kirkland but Microsoft isnt actually running the game. The PLAYERS are running the game.


                      If some players have the Xbox one and they live in low populate areas they still could get stuck on an Xbox based connection.


                      And as I said I have HEARD they dropped them. mostly because the host migration threads started showing up again. Hence this one.


                      Reason I am assuming they did it was not the end of BO2s life cycle but more of a PRE-ghosts test. They got major changes coming out with the new consoles. Perhaps they dont want a major mess up like GTA5s cloud servers were (still are).



                      BTW Activision is actually footing the bill.


                      somewhere in the Ghosts forums Maccabi has a very nice description of all the good details.

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                  Re: Shocking lag and lots of host migrations

                  Well this is officially day 2 of it running like a steaming turd in my neck of the woods Brisbane Australia. I don't what the hell is going on but it sucks whatever it is. Also being an Aussie I would like to take this chance to point out it seems New Zealenders get a lag advantage over us.

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