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    Zombie players for high rounds/ranking(ps3)

      First off this post is about getting to high rounds(easter eggs too if we want to do them) on various maps, origins, die rise, buried, MOD, etc.


      About me info.:

      - Bandwidth is 3000 KBS, I'm easily capable of being a host for any games

      - I don't quit if I go down even with the best perks or guns

      - I'm mature

      - I have all zombie maps(we can even play black ops 1 maps if that ever comes to mind)

      - I have a job and an outside life, but I do play this on the majority of my free time

      - I have a mic and I can charge it while having mic on

      - I have the black ops 2 platinum trophy



      - Mic

      - Maturity

      - Good connection(no timing out bullshit)

      - Be a good player/team player/teamwork

      - Be smart (this includes killing zombies when they're outside of the window, so we can get perk pickups)

      - Must NOT be a quitter, if I see you leave a game you better have a good excuse why you left or your deleted and blocked + I will mention to other players that you're a terrible zombie player

      - Common sense


      My PSN ID: gurt19


      that is GURT19 NOT GURL19.. lots of players think I'm a girl because they don't notice the T


      PS: If you're a girl gamer that won't change my preferences, so feel free to add me. Also squeaker voices, don't bother adding me I will just block you and give you bad rep. If you sound young, but seem to meet all qualifications then you may be accepted


      Thanks for reading and lets get to them high rounds!