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    Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

      I was just thinking about our four heroes last night, and I thought that they didn't have an ending most people wanted. For the few that read my Origins theory on how it would end, maybe Black Ops 3 will hold the answers that I wrote in my theory. If you want to read it, I have no idea where it is, but its buried WAY down there, back in early August. But without further ado, here it is:


                                         Map that comes with BO3


      Okay, so, chronologically, Buried was the final Zombies map, so what happens after you light all three spires and you get that dramatic speech made by Richtofen/ Maxis? What I believe is Richtofens power is the canon ending, meaning it is the real ending. Maxis' is just a spin-off ending. So what happens after that? Remember the events of Moon? Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Samantha (inside Richtofens body) will all spawn in the pyramid room when you first load up Black Ops 3 Zombies and will have to fight through to the teleporter and these zombies will be just as equally annoying as they are on Round Infinity on the Buried Easter Egg. So the Moon has now been overran with these godmode zombies. Keep in mind, these guys have been fighting for a few hours and takes place during the end of TranZit and near the beginning of Die Rise. Once all the players have reached the teleporter above the Pyramid, the characters will spawn in Antarctica. Rockets did not hit anywhere near Antarctica, but the ice will melt due to the radiation the fire extracts. This will be a TranZit like map, but trust me, WAY BETTER!


                                         DLC 1

      After escaping Antarctica, they are then teleported near and during the events of Die Rise, however, they are fighting on the Great Wall of China and you have to solve a puzzle to escape an evil wrath that is preventing you from going any further to stopping Richtofen from controlling the world. If you solve the puzzle you can advance to DLC 3.


                                         DLC 2

      This will be a spinoff map kind of like the previous Black Ops DLC 2 maps. It will have celebrities, thats what I'm assuming. And it will involve some messed up ending for them.


                                         DLC 3

      After escaping China, this will be the penultimate climax as you will discover that this is where our four learn the real story about what happened to our playable characters in Five, CotD, and our New Four Heroes. (Keep in mind, I kept the MotD characters out because they have nothing to do with the main 4 characters). They figure out that they actually didn't meet up at the events of Origins, they really met up how we thought they met up and now teleporting between Area 51 and an unknown location somewhere off the coast of Australia, they must repair the teleporter in order to stop Richtofen from carrying out his evil deeds on our 4 new heroes. Once the teleporter is repaired you head back to the moon for the ending.


                                         DLC 4

      Officially ending the story here, you will be on different stations on the moon, one being Griffon Station, finding a way to somehow rip the fabric of time from this little era they are in. This takes place near the end of Buried as they are running out of time before Richtofen becomes too powerful. Obviously, you have to do the Easter Egg to run out of time. But nevertheless, it will end exactly how MotD ended with an epic battle. However, depending on which ending you chose, it will play a cutscene that corresponds to what the characters do after the ending. If Richtofen wins, its kind of obvious, he kills our 4 and our other 4 down underground. But if the coin is on the other side, then our characters will continue to fight on the moon and eventually once all four characters are downed, and then a cutscene will show showing Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Samantha (in Richtofens body) being teleported back into their homes in the 1940's as if nothing had ever happened, however, Richtofen is now trapped in a foreign dimension for eternity, but this is only if the good ending is chosen.



      If you liked this, make sure to show your CoD fanboy (or girl) friends. If you think I should edit something, once I get back from my PSAT test tomorrow, I may have time to arrange it, otherwise, consider this if Black Ops 3 comes out.

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          Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

          I was thinking that we do an 8 player game like grief but you work together. So you have your people who traveled back in time. Then you have the people under them. Well if your on the top of the 4 other players then they are trying to get to the 4 below in the easter egg. like you said if they dont get to the other 4 and get out of there before richtofen destroys all 8 of them. Now we are not done here. When they excape they go to "Firing Range" but infested with more zombies. they get there by the Tranzit Bus. (this is just an idea tell me what you think)

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              Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

              Its Should Also Be Named:

              Black Ops: The Final Strike

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                  Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                  Multiplayer Map Names:                                      Zombie Map Names:                                                                   

                  Final Destination                                                  1. Tote Verstorbene

                  Ship Wreaked                                                      2. Todesfall tot

                  Bank Heist                                                           3. End Of Time

                  Dutch Canyon

                  Bar Fight

                  Micro Lab

                  Flea Market

                  Nuke down (Spinoff of Nuke Town)

                  DLC 1

                  White House                                                        4.Frozen (Spinoff of Call Of The Dead)

                  Diving Deep (Under Water Map)

                  DLC 2 (Zombie DLC)

                                                                                             5. Element Lab 115

                                                                                             6. Original BO2-World At War Maps

                  DLC 3

                  The End Is Near                                                   7. Rise of The Untoten

                  World Trade Center                                             8. The Illuminati

                  DLC 4 (The Is Close End)


                  Fusion                                                                9. Lab of Group 935

                  DLC 5 (Back In Time)

                  In Time (Teleports To Random Maps)                10. Secret of Group 935

                  These are some ideas i'm only 14 so this is not perfect tell me what you think of it and feel free to add on to it or take away from it

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                Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                hey take my theory plz and try something.  I am trying to get it to people.  Okay first a quick run down. 

                I have read somewhere a theory is the nav card stands for Net Asset Value.  as opposed to navigation.  Which implies like money or VIP status.  and Jimmy Z tweeted a hint to the easter egg is "points, or whatever you call them"  okay so there is theories about paying the bus driver with the nav card.  Okay so I was watching a video that a guy had 1 million points and he was getting more points as he killed zombies but his points did not rise.  this made me think.  well with 4 people having 250 k in their bank, they could give it to one person.  and he gets 1 million points and then he kills zombies near the bus driver and the other points he gets will go to the bus driver, sorta like on Moon when  you fill the canisters at the pyramid, the points go to the driver. 


                I hope this makes sense.  If you wanna try something, I have a full bank and xbox live: Hotcakes4you

                I do not want credit for this, to anyone who expands on it.  I just want to help figure this out. If this works and is the missing key, to whoever tries it, its yours go get a million youtube hits and don't worry bout me, I just want to watch the video as well.  Jimmy Z finally may have gave us the definitive hint.

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                  Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                  Well considering we restored Samantha in the bubble universe of origins, she and hopefully the old crew will reappear in the real universe in some form, either as bodies or aether spirits. So that would be either 2 maps of new and old crew or an 8 player experience. And as lots of people want bank, stored guns, and customized characters I think they should have an almost mmoish map/gamemode on the side which would have like 16 players and huge maps. call it zombie land, or free play, or earth a.e. Something.

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                    Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                    In the world inside my head the next Treyarch title is "Black Ops 2: Redux"


                    And the game is a completely new attempt at what Black Ops 2 should have been. Pretending that BO2 never happened.


                    I'm kidding about the name, of course, but I do want them to abandon everything they tried to establish in BO2 and pick things up after Moon.


                    The separate choices thing was far too ambitious for them to attempt and with no logical and fair resolution to the two paths it'd just be better if they ignored all that nonsense.

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                      Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                      Man, how much time do you have?

                      Jk jk jk

                      I would just like a character customization.  At least on the survival based mode. Or your character has some type of skill they can use to their advantage

                      And instead of one based rank for all maps. I thought there should be a rank for the different maps. Ill admit im not good on every single map I play. I suck at mob of dead but because im double shotguns people expect me to be boss but in reality im a double bones on that map

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                        Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                        im sooo hoping that most ov this is true

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                          Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                          anyone who should read this, while there are many ideas for how the story will go in BO3 zombies and the easter eggs etc. i want to convey an idea for a buildable wonder weapon which is op as all hell but will be pretty fun to a lot of people im sure of it. the sliquifier is also a buildable and is very powerful dealing 5.5 million damage and is a chain reaction, my idea comes from the gersch device. first a player must acquire the gersch device and then kill atleast 935 zombies with only the gersch device (you will be notified by a quote from someone, a noise or even just a counter on the side of the screen). now 935 does seem like a hell of a lot of zombies but definitely worth it. once this is done the player must throw all gersch devices (3) into a pit in the map which will get rid of it (max ammo will not replenish) then the player solve a riddle (not easy) in order to claim upgraded gersh devices (obtainable from spawn room on a bench or something) which will have a much larger pulling force, significantly larger radius (zombies will be pulled in from a lot further away), will last longer and the player will receive 5 for their troubles. after they have the upgraded gersh devices they must kill 115 zombies with them (this will be quite simple). when done a secret room will be opened with a special build table specific do the weapon i am thinking of. it will require 3 upgraded upgraded gersch devices to be broken down and made into pieces of the weapon and to power the weapon. it will also require 3 parts which are in places only accessible by walking through the upgraded gersch devices (in theses places zombies cannot spawn there so it is not too chaotic, however there will be a 30 second time limit to find the piece before being teleported back.(the upgraded gersch device will teleport you to a different location each time and when you have found a piece it will not teleport you there again so save time and money)). after finding all pieces the player can build the weapon which will be unusable until charged with 115 zombie souls and completing the round. after finishing all of this hard work the player/s can finally pick up the weapon, it will be a gun that will create a black hole with infinite damage, instantly vaporising anything (will not down you).it will have an ammo capacity of 5 rounds with 25 reloadable. the black hole will last a total of 2 minutes each time (was going to be 30 seconds but since it is very difficult to obtain 2 minutes is nice). the shot can be charged using 3 ammo but will have a massive radius (4x upgraded gersch device) and will last the whole round. all players in the lobby can obtain the weapon but the challenges must be completed individually. i do not not what this will be called but i think it would be op as f**k and very challenging to get but definitely worth it. let me know what you think! to balance this i think that the drop rate of a max ammo while people have this weapon should be miniscule or no max ammo at all unless the weapon is spun in the box. the more players with the weapon the smaller the likelihood eg. 1 player will cut likelihood by 95% 2 players: 98.5% 3 players: 99.8% and 4 players: 99.99997% making it so incredibly hard to keep ammo in the weapon for the duration of the match.

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                            Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                            if the planet were destroyed by nukes which covered the earths surface in a thick layer of dust and radiationn, it would not melt the arctic/Antarctic, in fact, the thick layer of radiation/dust would block the suns rays from reaching the earths crust, which would create a new ice age. I stopped reading after your scientific flaws.

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                              Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                              I like anonymus189two's idea. I love playing as the original characters so I hope the next zombies game will have more of them. I also really love the thought of customizing your own zombies character to play with. Having the ability to customize your own playable character would be fun.

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                                Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                                I think a really good zombie map would be a map based off of the city Paris, including the Eiffel tower, In which includes a zip line (like call of the dead) or having to get it hit by lightning by doing multiple steps, In which would be a big part of an Easter egg. Also being able to go into the underground ruins or catacombs of Paris unleashing a boss ghost/demon zombie. ~WaveyDills

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                                    Re: Black Ops 3 Zombie Idea

                                    Would a map in Paris involve a couple of zombies going to the bathroom....  Yeh, I could live without the Paris map.


                                    Based on the tweets I've seen, one looks to be in England or Europe somewhere (could be Germany).  Another or the same map has snow.  Imagine a map where if you are not careful, you slip and fall.


                                    I think a map in/under water would be good where everything in your controller is slowed down but you also have to come out of the water where then it speeds back up.

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