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    they say its because of my tv???

      so im on chat support for almost 2 hours yesterday  about this weird handicap/lag issue that doesn't exist and pretty much negated everything they tried to blame the lag/handicap  of black ops 2 on. we ended the session with them saying my issues were caused because I have cable tv and internet. LMAO mind you black ops 2 is the only game that has this issue. I have all cods from modern warfare on and they all play, yes with lag on occasion, but once again what is in this game isn't lag. any suggestions????? and check back because every idea you have has been addressed. oh set up. wired connection, with a Motorola sb 6141 modem. this is not a router so don't ask about ports or firewalls. nat 1 open. modem is on an unspliced coax line from where it enters house to back of modem. speeds are 5 up 30 down. consistent. ping no higher than 50 ms.  2ms jitter.

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          Hi Jeff,


          Thanks for posting.  Can you please provide more details on the type of lag you are experiencing (sluggishness, choppiness, etc.).  Does it occur in any particular game mode or playlist?  Also, indicate how often this occurs (daily/weekly) or at certain parts of the day (peak hours).


          You can't completely rule out establishing a static IP address and port forwarding as it may in fact help Activision Support


          Also, what do yo have your search preferences set to? Have you tried rebooting your router? 


          Additionally, please link us to the following results Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test


          Thanks ^AH

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              hey I know your trying but I do not have a router , its just a straight modem. there are no ports or firewalls or anything its just a modem. I have nat 1 open. it happens all the time everytime . any game mode any search preference any host any room always. I played yesterday and on average 10 players did horrible every game and 2 people did astronomically well.  one game one person was 53 and 12 and another was 60 and 11 . that's dumb . I understand you have to treat everyone like its the first game we have ever played on the internet. I have been playing since modern warfare. and this is the first cod title I have shelved. its not lag I have dealt with and know what lag is. this is regardless off the host game type search preference am severly behind. I have had numerous techs out here and have run hundreds of tests at ping.net speedtest.net broadband.gov. I get a a rating at all these sites. so it is very frustrating when I have ran all these tests optimized my network  had numerous techs out, ran dedicated lines for only my modem.  and everyone everywhere human and not is saying you have a great network and internet connection . signal . strength, everything. and then I have activision black op techs saying " the reason this is the only game that has this issue on your ps3 is because of you or your isp" that is assanine. have you read this article  http://mp1st.com/2013/02/01/black-ops-2-multiplayer-what-works-and-what-doesnt/   at the bottom the of the article there is a paragraph that's makes a lot more sense to me then what activision wants to make wrong with this game, and who they want to blame for a broken billion dollar product.

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              TV's believe it or not can cause problems as all of them have some built in latency and you may notice it more in BO2 than in previous titles simply because BO2 is faster paced than any of the previous titles.  That being said, it's pretty easy to find out if that's your problem.  Just hook up to a different TV and see what happens.  I'd be surprised if that fixes it for you but stranger things have happened.

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                But... did you even try another tv? Or did you just assume you were right?