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    Your funniest or favourite moment on zombies


      HI guys, so I just remembered the first time I ever used a PaPd launcher the m27 law ( not sure that was the name) on moon. Never tried to PaP one I got it from the QEDs, anyways I laughed my ass off when I held that trigger down and 10 rockets spewed out one after the other, took me totally by surprise lol. What are your funniest or favourite moments across zombies?

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          rpg is the same thing very deadly


          PHD+RPG PAP= Brutal killer

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            Funniest moment I had was the Astronaut glitch on Moon. You know, the disconaut! I laughed the entire rest of the game...

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              I don't know what it is but, every time I revive someone and they go down right away, like, a second after their revival, I laugh my ass off.

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                Favourite moment for me has to be getting my highest round ever on Moon. Just me and my mate, tunnel 6 didn't breach until round 31! We both went down twice each whilst trying to fill the tubes, it was madness..but we managed it, completed the EE and continued to slay Decided to jump of the moon at 57 after 10+ hours. I'll never forget that game. My eyes were bleeding..

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                  On Origins I had the helmet and a player went down near Speed. Revived him and the second he got up we got stepped on by Thor. Once the foot moved on I just got back up and revived him again, laughing the whole time.


                  On Moon I had a crawler in tunnel 6 in the early rounds and when I turned on power he started running after me as if he still had legs, just floating around...me and my bud were cracking up.


                  Also on Moon, I was playing with my dad (his first time playing) and we left around 17 for Area 51 and when we teleported back, the round failed to reload and we just explored the map for a good 20 mins trying to spawn in the zombie we left. Best quote from my dad: "...does this mean we win???"


                  Best moments though...

                  On Kino on 1st night BO1 came out, my bud PAP'd a ray gun and when he put it in we were teleported out before it was done and he got pissed. Then we unlocked Five and played it and again, he PAP'd a ray gun and the wall rotated and closed with his gun in the machine and he was furious! Still avoids those maps to this day.

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                    one of my favorite/ coolest moments was on die rise around  round 20 just me and my partner and he went down while trying to get him I ran into a HOARD lol  and was downed and went into who's who, spawned right next to an insta-kill, took all the zombies down with the pistol and knife then revived myself and him pretty sweet moment if you ask me considering he was saying the whole time it's over it's over lol

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                      KINO, players doing the dog glitch in the cinema steers, dog just stands there im sure we have all seen it.

                      A player walks up to a dog and starts humping it, doggy style! i was pissing myself for the rest of the game.

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                        Me and my Zombie mate mucking around in tranzit while the other two players were going hard doing stuff with one zombie left.

                        We got a bit bored so we started playing a make up game called "lobbed your grenades and see if you can catch em before it explodes" best 15 downs in one i ever had still makes me laugh to this day.The other two players did not know what was going on, on their screen all they could see was someone going down then the other then the other and so on.

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                            Best for me would have to be first time on Moon. Not knowing what to do or what was going on...why the hell were Zombies rushing after a few seconds? Can just remember everyone panicking and cursing. Also when we died it wasn't like "You Survived x Rounds" message. It was like you lasted x seconds. What noobs. Haha. Didn't realise we had to teleport out of the starting area.


                            Close to that would be the first times playing Die Rise. When someone takes a leap to the next building. The others follow. But the first person doesn't make it and fall down and somehow everybody follows and plunges to their deaths as well. Very noob. Haha.

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                            The first time I did the Moon EE. I died off, had my teammates begin the launch then spawn me in. I made it to the spawn just as the rockets hit Earth, and since I had gotten the One Giant Leap achievement, Nightmare started playing. Really cool.