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    Easy Killstreaks

      After playing BO2 i noticed that certain KS will be very easy to get. The way to get the advanced uav will be very easy to get for most good objective players playing dom they would be able to get an advance uav within the first 25 sec.


      Another thing that will be easy to get are the jugg armor. In BO2 i dont use a KS that is less than 1200 points and i easily get that at least once everygame, now the jug armor is 9 and 10 points, sounds pretty easy to get. Im also wondering if a team can have more than one person on a team using a jug suit at one time.


      Another thing that i am interested about is will there be a ground war game mode, or a gamemode that has more than 6 to a team.

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          Re: Easy Killstreaks

          Remember, this is Ghosts, not BO2. Time will tell how easy or difficult the streaks are to earn, and remember it is back to the Assault, Support, and Specialist Packages, all of whom will probably be earned different ways.


          If the game is that easy for you, perhaps you need to challenge yourself more?

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              Re: Easy Killstreaks

              Im just saying if i play with my clan we go objective crazy and since it is the point streaks it will be very easy to get the advanced uav, and with the hardline perk it would be very easy to get very fast off the start.



              Im hoping that the clan wars will make it more challenging.

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