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    Prestiging on CoD Ghosts?

      Hi Guys,


      I'm not sure if any of you have any information or hands on experience with Ghost's but do you exactly know how people will be aware if a player has prestiged or not or what prestige they are? I understand that you no longer have ten levels of prestige as such but 10 characters to level up individually but is there an icon or emblem that identifies how many characters you have completed?





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          Re: Prestiging on CoD Ghosts?

          There are no more multiple prestige's in Ghosts. Each squad member you create only can prestige once. I sort of doubt they will mark how many a player has prestiged by an emblem anymore since really it does not matter since the prestige really means nothing.


          High prestige means nothing in Ghosts. It is not a badge of honor to be at like 10th prestige as it was believed to be in past games.


          But dont take my word, I could be wrong.

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              Re: Prestiging on CoD Ghosts?

              Prestige was meaningless anyway, I am a 10th prestige in BO2 now and all it took was time not skill. Just takes some people longer than others. I don't even care about K/D because some times you just screw around and it doesn't truly reflect skill level. In game etiquette and strategy mean more to me, I'd rather play with people who play the game than someone who get 50 kills exploiting it.

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              Re: Prestiging on CoD Ghosts?

              yeah honestly, prestige mode means nothing like it used to. in Cod4, if you we're in a lobby with somebody who was 10th prestige, level 55, you knew they were good. But since MW2, all the XP lobbies, it really took away the true meaning.

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