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    [PS4] Looking for Competitive Clan!

           I am looking for a good clan to join for the PS4.  I was a part of the [MPY] clan for the PS3.  Stat wise, I am a decent player when I try.  With ARs and SMGs my SPM is about 350, but the Assault Shield and diamond camo challenges dropped it to around 305-310.  My three favorite game modes are domination, snd, and tdm.  I am about to hit prestige master.  I reset my stats after two prestiges because I had a better feel for the game.  I also enjoy to play zombies (won't apply to Ghosts) but never really got into campaign.  If you have a clan, let me know.  So yeah...


      Thank you,


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            Re: [PS4] Looking for Competitive Clan!

            Hello Mr. Legit Jug,



            • Who Are We?

                Search no longer!! The TryHard Clan is a new multi-platform casual/competitive clan trying to balance playing well and with having a good in game experience. The overall mission of the clan is not to start out as the"best" clan out there, but to build our every one of our members individual CoD skills and abilities so can all eventually achieve the goal of #1 Clan. Now I know we don't have a lot of people. But recruiting members is what I am trying to do now so the clan can grow early on.

            • Join Requirements

                  To keep recruiting simple, age and skill do not affect if you get into the clan. Just have some level of maturity. As for a mic you don't need one but it is recommended. All I ask of you is that you just like to play CoD and play enough to contribute and work with the clan. I am not asking people to interact, just be able to play in the same lobby together. I'm not going to put people who don't want to play with each other together in a lobby. For the Casual part of the clan you really don't have to be online that much. When you are online, all I ask of you is to try and recruit 1 or 2 people every once in a while in-game. I presume most of our clan members will be on Xbox 360 because that's the console where I am recruiting from in-game. At the moment I currently don't have a PS system and I am working on getting one. However, if you have or know someone with good leadership skills. We can get people leading a group of players for Clan Wars on other platforms.

            • What We Will Do

              Speaking of Clan Wars, We will do CoD: Ghosts in-game Clan Wars on All Platforms once we get enough members. I will never ask you to change your GamerTag because changing it really doesn't change the player you are. Also, I have a buddy who will join the clan and he has recording capabilities to record our competitive games and Clan Wars. We will do scrimmages to asses where the GB team and Clan Wars teams are at. When we are not doing CW we will play Public Matches, the new Squads, or do private matches together. We will play every game mode in Ghosts and even try some of the lesser-known modes just for fun. We will offer open lobbies to work on learning in-game skills like map layouts, weapon loadouts, gamemodes, the list goes on. Lastly, once we get enough members we can do in-clan competitions with each other for PS Cash, Ms Points, or other prizes.

            • The Competitive Side

                About the Competitive part of the clan: We are not just a in-game CoD clan. We will do Competitive Gaming (i.e Gamebattles). I am willing to leave my current GB team and create a GB team with the best players who join the clan. The GB team will be only for our clan members and their friends. To join the GB team you must have a K/D of 1.3 or better in any CoD game. The K/D part really doesn't affect selection too much b/c some players are exceptional in-game and they keep low K/D's.The only online requirement for the GB team is that you need to be active on some weekends for matches!!. The GB team is playing to go to Championships but as long as we go pretty high in the ranks that's good too.

            Questions? Comments? Concerns? Message CoD profile or my Xbox Live GamerTag: xDaTryHardGuy and I'll get back to you.


            Important! How To join The TryHard Clan!:

            1. Click the light blue link below

            2. Make sure your're signed in.

            3. Apply

            Also, you can reply to this thread for an Invite and to ask questions as well!

            Here's the join link: Call of Duty®: Ghosts. You will be automatically accepted I guarantee it!


            Thanks for Your Time and I hope we meet your needs,



            My Stats for Those Who Care

            CoD:Ghosts K/D We'll find out....

            Bo2 K/D 1.63

            Bo1 K/D 1.01

            Mw3 K/D 1.90

            Mw2: That's a different story..

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              Call of Duty®: Ghosts

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                Re: [PS4] Looking for Competitive Clan!

                Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positive scores in all game modes in blops 2, we are the Domination crew. You must be 21 and over have a headset, be able to speak English and communicate with other team members. We learn all call outs and have a great team of admins to help and give you fantastic advice..We have gold clan tag which is simply R04R. To join follow the link and APPLY


                Youtube video link

                We are the legendary lions - YouTube

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                  Re: [PS4] Looking for Competitive Clan!

                  Come join Ashes of the Innocent [AoTi]!  Check out our website, http://ai-hq.com/.  We have divisions for all the major systems (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC) and will be expanding to the Xbox One and PS4 upon their respective releases. We will also be expanding into Ghosts upon its release.  We have over 60 active members, most of them being from the PS3 division.  The PS3 division also does Clan Ops and has Golden Clan tags.  AoTi is listed among the top 100 CoD clans.  On the website, we have our own forums and active Xat chat.  We are a very experienced clan from having been around for over 4 years, so we know what we’re doing.  We also have a structured ranking system to stay organized, which is just another testament to our experience.  The only requirements are you must be at least 16 years of age AND have at least a 1.00 kill/death ratio.  Finally, we are one, big family and are always there for each other.


                  Feel free to fill out an application on our website, which is in bold above, and gun along side us! We’re always looking for new members


                  Xat Chat Link: http://ai-hq.com/page.php?p=xat-side-by-side-chat&sid=03e257e8afe9899773dc94f4fd 3b3bc4


                  Check out our ELITE site too: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/145345

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