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    Rebel Ghosts Clan Recruiting

      Hello everybody.  Rebel Ghosts is recruiting!  I just opened this clan and am looking for any number of players.  We will be a competitive clan, but we will have tons of fun as well.  Anyone who has an ok kd, and/or proves to me that they can have fun and play competitively, can be part of the clan.  We will be as active as you guys want the clan to be!  I will be on Xbox 360 probably the whole time Ghosts is out, but anyone on any platform can join.  My IGN is cdawg9er (I know this is a very dumb name but I'm waiting for some money to change it).  Send an application in, or contact me on Xbox and we can talk about getting you into the clan! 



      KYRSPEEDY9 (cdawg9er)