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    competitive game? hah

      The only way this game is competitive is if the two teams play a custom match (or somehow get paired against each other in league).


      Although I am new to console/BO, I've been comp gaming for 10+ years. This game, on any platform (I play pc and xbox), has the most awful matches 90% of the time.


      I quit EVERY match that is a blowout even if I'm on the winning team and I have finished maybe 5% of the games I've played in. Boring.

      Each match is an absolute joke. It comes down to what side you are on whether you win or lose. Even in 'league' half the time is 3v4, so I quit to even the match and get probation (guess no ones heard of standing down in this game either).


      So here is my question.. How is such a popular game have such bad match-making?? Don't the makers know that the fun comes from actually competing in the game? If the teams aren't fair (or close) what's the sense in playing?


      PS- the game is fun as **** 10% of the time.

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