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    Origins "rain fire" doesn't work

      When i push the red button and throw the napalm thing on the square, i do get that shitload of bombs dropped on the square, but it doesn't break, so there is no hole.

      The first time i thought that it was a bug or something, because Samantha talked after the bombs dropped, so i deployed the maxis drone and it didn't do ****, besides killing the last zombie.


      So what am i doing wrong?

      I'm playing on solo, i've upgraded all the staffs.

      I've placed the lightning staff in robot 1-3, the wind staff in robot 4-5, ice staff in robot 6 and fire below pap in the middle.

      Then i took the ice staff after they spawned back below pap.

      I went inside robot by generator 5, let it count down and pushed the button after one, right before it threw me out.

      Then i run back from the foot print to the wall near the square, i throw the napalm thing wait for the bombs are dropped, and after that i deploy the maxis drone.


      Edit: All generators are activated.