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    Multiplayer keeps freezing as game starts. -_-

      As soon as a game starts in multiplayer/league play, my screen freezes and I have to restart my xbox.

      this is becoming increasingly frustrating and I've tried cleaning my disc, clearing system cache and resetting my router.

      this has been happening to my freinds aswell once or twice but it's every game with me.

      please try to ******* fix his or please give me an explanation :S

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          Is the disk scratched at all? Have you tried playing using one of your friends disks?

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            JJust happened in a GB match, **** you treyarch, fix your piece of **** game you useless *****.


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              Hi KeyZII_OG,


              Thank you for providing the steps you have taken so far.  Can you check the disc for any scratches or small cracks?  Please let us know the type of connection you are on (wired/wireless) as well as the bandwidth that registers in-game. . Multiplayer>Options>System info. While in Options, press the Back button on your controller and System info will display on screen. You can get the requested info from that screen.


              Additionally, please try clearing the Title Update from the Games & Apps folder.  You should be prompted to re-download the update once you launch the game again.  If the freezing still occurs, please try the disc on another console to see if the same issue occurs.  This will help identify if it's a disc related issue.


              Let us know the results.


              Thanks ^AH