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        20. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

          Its a no  win. If you qs people get made if you hide and snipe like me then they get made and complain about camping. I play mostly hard core and like to set and snipe and for ones that qs i just tube them lol and call it a day. At the end of the day it is what it is wich is a game. What i find finny and disturbing at the same time is when someone gets made they threaten to find you and go to your house and what not.

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          21. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

          LOL.. there people go again trying to make it sound like you cannot use a sniper properly on the maps in the game when it is not true at all as a reason to justify QS being in the game... what a riot.

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            22. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

            nah easier fix make all weapons kill in one shot at close range. then wont matter if a sniper is doing it in close range battles anymore.

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              23. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

              Who needs quickscoping when it's replaced by no-scoping in CQC.




              Look at how open the maps are and it's full of long sight lines. Gone are the cluttered maps of recent CODs. These maps reminds me of COD4 when it comes to how open they are. I would love to snipe on these great looking maps with great vantage points.



              Ghosts will be good for snipers. Hell yeah!

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                24. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                Clarkeyy_ wrote:


                ...if you had any idea how difficult it is to quickscope....

                I almost just chuckled my coffee though my nose.  LOL

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                  25. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                  I think this is a losing battle on both sides.  No one is willing to give an inch, as shown by the ignorant death threats.  I don't QS, so I can't comment objectively.  From my point of view I die to them, they die to me.  I've played around on bots (which isn't a great comparison), but really the one thing that seems slightly imbalanced now is flinch during a QS.  I know that is why toughness is there, but it seems strong on a snipe during the QS portion only based on the way scoping works, if that makes sense.  I guess this is to balance that it is one shot or death, but still...and I don't think the issue is all latency.  Once fully aimed into what people might call the hardscope portion, it is a different story and flinch is apparent and more on par.  I'm sure many will disagree and many will agree, this is just my perspective, nothing more, from my little experience at it.


                  I do think sniping looks like it will be a lot of fun on the ghosts videos I've seen and look forward to listening to more people rage, lol.

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                    26. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                    I agree this argument does not make sense, regardless of whether QSing is balanced.

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                      27. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                      It has been one the biggest defenses of QS used by them. That there is not enough places to use a sniper in the traditional way and still do well or play aggressive with them. When not all maps are really meant for the sniper to be used or do well. Nor is the sniper really meant to be used as an aggressive up front and close weapon(no matter if that players wants too or not because its fun). But they refuse to change how they play because they feel they should not have to adapt to the map at all.


                      which is why I suggest making all weapons kill in one or two in CQC.. then the QSr has no advantage over any other player at that range anymore. They cannot rely on the one hit kill potential for easy kills when the shot lands.


                      increase flinch by 5% for each shot that lands and make it random(not just up). So by the final kill shot they are hard pressed to stay on target because they were flinched almost 20% or more off aim; should work for all weapons really, and the larger heavier weapons like snipers and lmg's should have it even flinch them more than that.

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                        28. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                        qs is a glitch that devs support for the wrong reasons. iv never seen a game glitch get supported like this, but its obvious they do it for sales and publicity. they disregard people like me who want to a fair and balanced game, but if its like this now there is no need for nerfs on other guns anymore. but even then i am staring to think they nerf weapons so people can qs much more easily, even more so why do shotguns even have a cap on range if snipers can defy there true purpose.

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                          29. Re: Quickscoping needs to be removed

                          I will have to agree with college101's statement because there have been many times where I will drop shot a guy and he gets one lucky qs all the time so I end up dying why that and it isbecoming a plague in lobbies to they don't play objectives and ruins your win loss ratio

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