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    Anyone want to play?!


      Im only playing league play right now but I'd be down for some hardcore?

      Im Rank 2 right now for Bronze. If you wanna play leave your gamer tag in a comment.

      Dont just say yes because I'm a girl, say yes if you're good

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          1. Your gender doesn't matter
          2. I LOVE hardcore. I keep trying to find more and more people to play with but the people who say the will play hardcore with me, always flake out and make me play core which I'm not that big a fan of but am apparently good at except in SnD. My GT is ZZ Killbook.
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            Hi Tashalxo,


            I have been playing League play recently, i'm bronze rank 8. I do play hardcore now and again mainly h'core dom. but right now im concentrating on league play, send over an invite and we can do some matches.


            GT; IIICheckMateIII

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              Im just looking for someone to play with for League Play.

              I agree with Killbook, your gender doesn't matter, as long as your fun to play with.

              It's all about having fun!

              GT: DaRz Napalm

              See you Guys and Gals in the game!


              - Napalm