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    4H's World @ War Video Gallery

      4H's first posted video, which features Elite Queen running solo against a squad of dog chaining enthusiasts. Will she deliver retribution to those that oppose her?




      4H flexing our versatility muscles.  We aren't just a run and gun clan, we support our fallen brothers and sister by reviving them ASAP.




      Aggressive camping at its finest.  Betties and 2nd chance really are life savers. "Hidden Masters" in its infancy. Truly one of the only times you will see 4H staying still.




      Elite Queen rampaging through her very first music video.




      Elite Queen Showing Off Scope Skills Sniping With The Mosin Nagant & The L9 ACOG.




      The last 4H montage for W@W, Elite King crashes the Marty Party





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