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    next  C.O.D.

      So when the next C.O.D. is announced we will all regroup back here to ***** about how bad ghosts was and how good the new one will be it's the same cycle every year but it never gets old... i like it =]

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          No previous COD was as bad as BO2 is. Despite issues anyone had with MW2 or MW3, I feel that BO2 failed on so many levels it would take pages to list and discuss. Not the least of which were: tiny maps, hit detection, horrible spawns. Of course, tiny maps sets up the bad spawns in the first place. I don't think 3arch patched BO2 as well as it should have been. The lag was bad on day one and hasn't improved since. Major mistake right there. Anyway....it's just another bad memory.


          In my view, I find it hard to believe that IW will screw up as badly with Ghosts. If they're smart they'll stay on top of lag issues and patch problems sooner then later. Time will tell. Seventeen days to go!!