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    ETA on fixing the problem

      hi guys - any idea when the problem is going to be fixed? like, a week? a month? 6 months? and, do I need to log my personal experience of continual crashes and lost progress?

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          Would love an answer to this too instead of "your issue is being investigated we don't no how long it will take"

          Havent been able to access the game for 2weeks now

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            i'm with the both of you. I even have a ticket open with their phone support and, other than a response on the first day, I haven't heard anything back from them. Some kind of official response would be great.

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                Well, I guess I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only person being ignored.  Its sad, though.  It makes me kick myself for spending money on the game, and solidifies my resolve to not spend any more money on it at all.  If I can't be sure I can actually access my kingdom, why would I want to give them any more money.  It sad, since I love skylanders.  Oh well....


                Disney Infinity, here comes my wallet.  We just dropped close to $75 on extra figures INSTEAD of Skylanders. 

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                I just can't understand how some of us have no access to the game at all yet others can play no problems. Surely if it's a problem it would effect everyone not just a select few. I have no IT experience but surely it's not that hard to see what our last save was and reinstate it...

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                  Hello Katekennedy,


                  Thanks for taking the time to post. If you are having an issue with a champion/level being removed or rolled back, then please let me know the following information:


                  -Activate Name:

                  - Gems/Real world currency invested:

                  - Kingdom Level before/after (this is only needed if you experience a level rollback/reset)


                  Also, can you please try deleting the app, reinstalling it, then when you start up, do not log in to the activate, but instead play through the tutorial. Once that has been completed, THEN, log into the activate and let me know if anything that was missing, has returned.




                  ATVI Support

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                      Hi Emilio


                      Thanks for responding. I did uninstall and reinstall, but was never able to recapture my progress. I have started the game from level one, which I'm not unhappy about. 95% of my friends in the game were still there when I restarted.


                      What does upset me is the all money I spent on gems that went missing along with my progress. I suspect I've bought in excess of 3,000 gems over the course of my last game. 


                      What really gets my goat, though, is that I bought a gem pack 2 on special about two weeks ago (660 gems + some wish stones) after restarting the game, and it has never been made available to me.


                      My Activate name is Kate Kennedy.


                      Appreciate any help you can offer on this matter.