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    Ghosts Season Pass Downgradable to 360 or PS3?

      Everything I've read talks about how the COD Ghosts season pass will be upgradable, so if you have the 360 or PS3 season pass, you can upgrade it for free when you get the XBone or PS4.




      I don't want to assume that it will work the other way around.


      I've pre-ordered the Hardened Edition for the PS4 and XBONE, but have pre-ordered only the regular version for the PS3 and XBOX360.


      Will the Season Pass that will come with the Hardened Edition for next-gen work for free on my current-gen consoles?


      I'd rather have the steel book for next-gen, so I'd rather not switch my pre-orders around.


      Has anyone heard of any official information on this?