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    Why am I getting so much BS on MW3 lately?

      When I find a game solo, I'm going through BS 95% time . Hopefuly Ghosts will not have so much of this.

      1. Joining ended matches or near end matches or it rejoins matches I've rage quitted from.

      2. When I play 1v1 Faceoff, I get paired up to campers or quickscopers.

      3. Drop Zone is full of Quickscoping ******* that don't PTFO.

      4. Quickscopers kill me even when I hit them first or the Killcam shows I didn't shoot at all.

      5. People using Modded controllers on snipers and MK14.

      6. C4 being used as grenades or secondary.

      7. Getting dropshotted alot. Especialy SnD.

      8. 95% of my deaths come from BS.

      9. If I enable DLC it doesn't find matches. If disabled it finds them.

      10. The game turns to hell through or near the end of a match even with same players in it.(as if they are trying harder or to get the Winning killcam)

      11. FFA is full of Try Hards trying to go 30-0 or 30-5.

      12. Everybody wants to Killwhore or get clips than go for the Objective.

      13. It makes me rage and ******** about every death.

      I do get stuck on stuff and I get angry at most of my deaths.

      It makes me send hate mail to players that are pissing me off.


      I say stuff like "Shot him first but he killed me" "******* assassin camper" "Look at this ****" "camping *****" "dropshot ***" "quicksope ***" "**** you infinity ward/treyarch" "c4 tossing ***" and more ***** things I say.