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    new zombies game

      i would love it they made just a call of duty zombie game with 8 players online not 4 i think it would be way better 8 players together u can play any player or make ur own players classes etc more ranks more perks u can have all the perks in the game without the easteregg etc and with all the mappacks for w@w bop1 & bop2 and more custom maps too more

      Add cut scenes

      Add Ranks and prestiges

      Connect all maps together

      create your own character

      Choose ur starting gun

      add more banks and weapons

      can store packa punch gus and packa punch a gun more than once

      can have more han 2 types of grenades, bring back classic guns

      make the graphics more realalistic , save the game so u can resume it at a later date

      add a map creator to make maps of your own

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          Re: new zombies game

          so left for dead with cod zombies, im down for it

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            Re: new zombies game

            Also, allow you to restart game in menu instead of going out to map and back in

            when controller is disconnected stop the game, that has killed me so many times

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              Re: new zombies game

              What Treyarch needs to do is make a game for the next-gen consoles that is simply a collection of every zombies map ever. The maps wouldn't need to be changed in any way. Simply throw in each map from each game. Perhaps minimal amounts of new features to give us something different between this new Zombies and the current, but basically keeping the maps the same. This way, no one needs to constantly switch between games and/or consoles to play each installation of Zombies. I have a PS3 with World at War and then my Xbox 360 with the two Black Ops games. Now, after upgrading to the PS4, I'm not exactly looking forward to having to switch between three different platforms to be able to play each and every map (assuming that Treyarch includes more Zombies in it's next game). Perhaps this new game could include the option to have Black Ops or World at War mystery box for the classic maps. Or, maybe the ability to acquire every perk from the perk machines in the BO2 maps would be a possibility. Maybe you could continue to have the power of setting the game up as in BO2's custom games, with more features such as turning Mule Kick on and off. A map creator could be another fun tool. The list could go on and on, but I'm sure I speak the mind of many when I say that Treyarch should combine all of their epic Zombies installations into one, easy to access game, for next-gen and PC.

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