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    Thank You & Focus Group Question

      I have read these forums for over two years to gain a better understanding of the games.  Although I never posted before, many threads have been both informative and amusing.  As a fairly casual but active player, I was always reticent to post since I prefer to read and learn.


      I particularly want to thank trialstardragon, nicedrewishfela, mdub, starbuckfrack, deamonomic, and gallp13.  I also appreciate the hard work of the moderators, including but not limited to, Foxhound-Pro.


      I am curious if anyone knows if the developers utilized focus groups to opine on the game mechanics for the different iterations of COD.  I have read on-line news articles that referred to certain people being approached by developers, but I have not read where formal focus groups were used.  Thank you.

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          Re: Thank You & Focus Group Question

          wow i didn't even get a mention


          In answer to your focus group question yes and also no. The problem is and this mostly applies to a game like cod than any other , it appeals to such a wide range of people that its hard to get a proper focus group per se .but they do happen in the games industry and most of the times unless you are part of one you will never hear about them or see tem mentioned ..they are a bit like fight club


          what you find is devs will approach groups based on certain aspects of the game esports being a good example for Ghosts as IW invited a bunch of esports players over to the studio to discuss that aspect of the game.

          Alot of what gets put into Cod is stuff the devs have either thought up themselves or gotten from feedback in general from the active vocal player base. but as you can appreciate with cod especially as you've read these forums everyone has a differing opinion as to what works /doesn't work ect . So devs tend to look at the feedback and try to work out whats best overall for their game based on feedback and suggestions.


          hope that answers your question?

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              Re: Thank You & Focus Group Question

              My apologies, maccabi!  It is dangerous to list specific individuals for kudos because it is so easy to inadvertently miss someone or several people.  I, of course, have also learned from you and many others that I did not mention.


              You did answer my question, thank you. The reason for my inquiry is that it seemed to me that Black Ops 2 was skewed in favor of "eSports".   I first played COD 4 on xbox since I was primarily a Rainbow Six PC gamer.  I've enjoyed COD ever since. Best wishes.

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                Re: Thank You & Focus Group Question

                I am glad I didn't get mentioned because that would mean I did something useful.

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                Re: Thank You & Focus Group Question

                I was mentioned... huh strange.. when normally my views are considered anti player or against the norm of what other players seem to want or desire as some put it.


                I am just a outspoken DragonTroll that argues the opposite point of view since all stories have more than one side to them.


                And sometimes more of a distraction than really any help.


                But then again every forum needs one of me maybe even two or three sometimes.

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