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    Zombies Clan/Playgroup Recruitment (360)

      Hey guys, Mayhem here. I've decided that, despite my love for solo, it would be extremely interesting to have a zombies clan, or a "playgroup" if you would. The group would play together frequently, on Call of Duty: Black Ops, CoD: Black Ops II, and Call of Duty: World at War. If you'd like to be involved in this, I have a few requirements listed below.

      -# of Members Needed-

      Eight. We need eight, exactly. That's two grief teams, and two separate survival teams.


      TheBlueGiraffe (Me/Founder)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      ........... (You, possibly)

      The next member to sign up will gain Team Captain status, and when teams are being divided up for playtime, will get the first pick.

      -Required Specs-

      -All Black Ops II map packs

      -Two or more Black Ops map packs

      -One or more World at War map packs

      -Basic knowledge of all maps

      -Detailed knowledge of each map's layout

      -A Scuf, Afterglow, Xbox, or Airflow(The reason we specify these four extremely common controllers is that they are all very simple, and don't give the user an extreme advantage.)

      -Know how to have fun

      -Members must play alongside me (or another member) up to Round 20 on their map of choice, and game of choice. We will use their strategy, and they must go down less than 5 times.

      -Contact Us-

      You can contact me by sending TheBlueGiraffe a message on Xbox Live.