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    Looking for clan

      I'm looking for a clan that plays in league play often. Preferably moshpit but I'll play champions also. My K/D is either 1.11 or 1.12. I play the objective unless it's a public match. Psn: Tom-Johnson_1219. I'm usually play everyday. I have a mic also. Message me on PS3 if you're interested.

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          Re: Looking for clan

          Hey there, Brandon feel free to visit Tactical Alliance at: http://tacticalalliancegaming.com

          Were always looking for new faces. We currently have 40 members and could use more people like yourself. We offer some of the most advanced tactics and combat skills out there. We're also a military rank structured clan. We believe in award our members for there hard work and dedication so we also have medals and ribbons you can obtain. Don't hesitate to  drop by and fill out an application. Looking forward to seeing you there!



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          1st Battalion

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            Re: Looking for clan

            Hey Tom,

            Join a clan that actually takes the time to read your posts (Brandon?)

            We have a lot of members that enjoy league play. Probably play more Championship Series than Moshpit, but there a lot of members who enjoy playing a wide variety of different styles and game modes.

            Join Veriras Gaming!



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              Re: Looking for clan

              xYz is still recruiting. We have 26 members in total with only 3 on elite so far cause elite has been having some issues lately.The link to the elite website is https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/11834706. Were gonna be having a website for the clan soon too. If you wana join add my psn ID Snapyofinger

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                Re: Looking for clan

                Red DevilZ Clan is Reccruiting(PS3) We r a new Clan That is Just Getting started and we are looking for members so we are a small clan right now but we are growing. we are A BO2 Clan & we will also be going over into Ghost when it comes out we do clans Ops & challenges. We Would Love to have to have you come join us @ RDz. If you are interest please look us up & apply we are under Red DevilZ PS3

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