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    Looking For 1 Player To Do All Easter Eggs (Xbox)


      • Mic Would Be Appreciated (Not Required)
      • Money In Bank Would Also Be Appreciated (Not Required)
      • Must Have All Map Packs
      • Will Not Back Out In Middle Of Game
      • Will Do All Easter Eggs
      • And Knows Steps For Easter Eggs (You Can Use Walkthroughs)
      • Is A Decent Player
      • And Knows Entire Map Back And Forth


      • Msg Myst Zombies For A Inv
      • We Will Be Playing Around 3:00-4:00 PM EST
      • We Will Be Doing Maxis Side
      • The Order Will Be Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried, Mob Of The Dead, Origins
      • After All Easter Eggs We Will Do End Game And Go For High Round (Maybe)
      • That's All You Need To Know. Any Questions Not Answered Reply To This And Ask Me