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    Standoff Glitch



      I wanted to point out some glitch/hack I just came across.  It has been a while since I have viewed the forum so someone may have mentioned this already.  I did a search on Standoff Glitch and came up with nothing. My apologies if someone has discussed this already.


      Playing in Standoff.  We were losing pretty bad in this match.  All of a sudden we started coming back.  I run up into a room and someone started shooting me with a light machine gun. It doesn't kill me but they are in the wall!!!  I go around to the other side and I do not see anyone but I can see the front of the gun shooting out.


      In the final killcam you see someone shooting a light machine gun in a room with no "textures" loaded.  So my son and I go view my theater.  This is what we see:


      Teammate places a tactical insertion on a rail.  He goes to another area and throws a grenade. It blows him up....he reappears with his tac insert.  He moves up just a little and does the same procedure. The second time he blows himself up he jumps when the tac insert brings him back. HE IS PULLED INTO A HIDDEN ROOM.  In that room you can not see the other buildings, cars, etc.  You see see a frame for a door and another player (opposition) in this "hidden" room with a tac insert.  They take turns shooting each other (placing tac insert in the hidden room) and anyone who comes close enough to the wall for them to see.


      I reported them.  Is there a way for me to share this video with people so they can see?