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    Demolition Game Type on Ghosts?

      I really want to know if COD GHOST have Demolition.....

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          Re: Demolition Game Type on Ghosts?

          Dont know for sure yet, im sure some genious will post a youtube vid showing all of the available modes a couple of hours after the game launches (because no one would be able to tell what modes are in just by looking for themselves)


          I would expect there will be something, if not the same then similar, Search and Rescue springs to mind, then again thinking about it, i wouldnt be suprised if some of the other bomb type modes were removed to put more focus on SnR.


          We've got 7 new modes coming according to some of the videos, so expect some of your old favourites to have made way for those (which modes are gone/staying (if any) we dont know yet)

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