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        40. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

        lol once again, "if ya don't like it, GET OUT! YEEHAW!!"

        You do realize the same thing can be said about you guys and nearly everyone on this forum, right? How about the fact that these forums are specifically a  place for feedback on the games?


        Playing slow as drying paint, trying to get every little advantage you can because you know you can't win if you actually run around? Yes that is devoid of skill. It's not hard to kill someone you have the jump on while you're staring at a door while your hiding prone in a corner, peeking out of a bush. If you don't see how that gives the camper an advantage, is much easier, and requires much less skill, you're beyond the reach of rational thought and discussion.


        And by the way, I usually kill them anyway, because the majority of people desperate enough to subject themselves to such a boring playstyle, are those who have never been good at CoD in the first place. The problem is when actually decent players decide to use this awareness advantage for themselves. Now you have a full game of players all camping to the point where nothing gets done, not to mention it's boring, slow gameplay, unlike cod4 which is when the franchise became record breaking for online playtime. (In which dead silence had no counter perk, by the way)

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          41. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

          Actually this forum is a specific place for discussion, theres not much point posting feedback here because the developers very rarely come here.


          No getting killed over and over again by the same camper and blaming it on one perk is devoid of skill, if you remove sitrep, people will still camp facing the doorways laying down, any smart player would realise that all camping spots in recent games bar one on firing range (the top of the castle) has more than one point of entry, if you were as skilled as you claim you are then obviously you would use the opposite entrance of the one you know the camper is staring at.....


          If your not sure what entry point the camper is facing throw some flash grenades or stun grenades, some C4 maybe, get your team mate to cover the other entrance etc.


          So people camp because they're desperate? not because thats how they want to play or anything like that? the only one who sounds desperate is you my friend.


          And im sorry but MW3 uses the same principle as Ghosts in terms of SR and DS and that isnt full of games where nobody moves all match long.

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            42. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

            This guy can't comprehend written word.


            He has also reached the point where he is defending camping. No longer will they even debate that amplify will increase camping. They have apparently lost on that front.

            Now they must retreat and take the position that camping should be rewarded, because it is has been shown to be UNDENIABLE that amplify will incentivise camping.

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              43. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

              Why shouldnt be camping be rewarded? if someone can camp better than you can rush you deserve to die to them,


              Am i not allowed to defend camping?


              Again i ask how will amplify increase camping? seriously im struggling to understand your point, amplify/dead silence in ghosts is exactly the same as sit rep pro/dead silence in MW3


              Where has it been shown that apmplify will undeniably increase camping?


              You seriously need to stop panicking about it, everything will be ok i promise.


              If it means that much to you if and when i chose to camp i will do it without amplify just to give you a fighting chance.

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                44. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                Just like Thunder. The problem with some of these YouTubers are the clueless fans who believes in everything they say.

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                  45. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                  Totally disagree.

                  Dead Silence should be the counter to Amplify. Otherwise Amplify doesn't have a counter. Creeping around? Yeah,coz that's loads of fun isn't it?

                  If you don't have Dead Silence and somebody uses Amplify then they can hear you. If you do use Dead Silence then they can't. Makes sense to me.

                  Dead Silence is an excellent perk to counter campers as it means you can creep up on them.

                  Sit Rep Pro was stupidly over powered in MW3. I have surround sound headphones and it made it too easy to know where people were so you could be ready for them.

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                    46. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                    you know while everyones arguing about sound whoring... has anyone considered the new changes to the in game audio might have made a difference hence why iw have done things as they have ? nope just me then

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                      47. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                      Now why would anyone use common sense and logic on these forums?

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                        48. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                        I hope they make Danger Close the same strength and Marathon as MW2 cause then in the long run I will make you the cry baby .

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                          49. Re: You better not screw up IW .... watch this

                          I am only hating on the perk because the fact it doesn't have another perk to counter it and since Blind Eye is almost useless I think it should counter Amplify or they could of did what Black Ops 1 did and combine Silent Footsteps and Sitrep Pro and call it Ninja that way Dead Silence users can hear the sitrep pro users as much as the sound whores can hear them. Also if they re-vamped the Black Ops 2 engine instead of their own then Amplify does NOT have a counter because you can hear crouch walkers even without Awareness in Black Ops 2. I mean I guess people can say that Amplify has a counter technically and that is keep your distance from the amplify user but if they make it like MW3 even that wouldn't counter the perk because Sitrep Pro in MW3 was a wall hack involving sound.

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