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    xSFx: Recruting All Consoles! No Trials or anything. New site, and Elite events Daily

      Hello to all gamers,

      My name is Cj aka WillyWooTang on Xbox (PC is online after Christmas) and I am the founder of Shoot First Ask Later. I started this clan in mid October and have great results with it, at this time 15 players along with myself we are a lvl 8 Elite Clan and tend to get over 10 this weekend. We welcome all gamers you can always be apart of out family, we stride to be a family by playing together, joking around on the site and just having fun.


      No age

      No K/D

      No SPM

      No Trials (you apply your in, but I do watch everyone)


      Make sure you are:

      Being active in the site = posting gets you higher ranks

      Play with members = playing Elite get you higher ranks

      Try not to curse that much

      Bonus: If you donate = higher ranking (site cost $9 a month just pitch in a $1 or something I will pick up the rest)


      If you are caught: For every thing there is a 3 strikes your out.

      Cheating, Boosting, Modding= Banned

      Offending or harassing others

      So if you wish to see out new site that am always working on: xsfalx.enjin.com.

      Note: we do have 3 video editors and are looking for Graphic Designers

      Thanks for your time and hope to see you as part of family and if you choose not to join happy gaming,

      To contact me:

      This site message me (best)

      The web-site there is link that is Contact Me

      I will get to all messages with 3 days if I do not I am sick or out of town.


      Cj aka WillyWooTang