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        20. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???
        Off the Grid



        run & gun ftw

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          21. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

          I must agree with your first 2..


          Off the Grid (3 points) - Not appear on enemy radar by SatCom or Ping..
          Although this perk is dulled down from previous games, it still is a good perk..
          Reason I say this, is that you can still be detected by Portable Radars..


          Incognito / Cold Blooded (3 points) - Undetectable by Portable radars, thermal scopes & no red name or crosshair..
          I thought the same thing..
          You can't detect an enemy anymore from their uniform.. So red name / crosshair will delay them..


          Hardline (2 points) - This perk comes in number 3 for me for obvious reasons.. You get your killstreaks more often..
          If they do it the same as MW3 where 2 assists count for 1 kill, that will make it very strong..


          Sitrep (2 points) - This is my number 4 perk, Reason for this, is that SatComs are going to be in most games.
          Killing a SatCom will be 1 point towards your killstreak award.. Along with detecting explosives..al


          Most common class loadout for me:
          Off the Grid (3), Blind Eye (2), Hardline (2), +1 Tactical Equipment (1)..

          Then use Specialist:
          Incognito / Cold Blooded, SitRep & Amplify..

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            22. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

            Some great load-outs there fella's - keep them coming!!!

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              23. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

              I'm pretty suprised about all the lists you guys have posted here. Is nobody playing with an Assault Rifle or an LMG?

              Nobody mentioned Stopper yet, and only one guy had Stalker on his list. Well, that'll make it a lot easier for me when the game has launched

              My top 4 Perks are:


              1) Stopper - Makes the difference in any 1vs1 situation on medium/long range. Will depend a lot on actual weapon TTK

              2) Stalker - same as above. It'll be more effective if guns are weaker (BO2), but still makes a big difference.

              3) Quickdraw - Allows you to kill faster.

              4) Off The Grid - pretty obvious. Stealth has always been very effective


              Since they increased the cost of the last 3, this won't really be an actual loadout. I'll be using Stopper and Stalker/QD on every AR/LMG/Sniper class, and OTG mostly on SMG classes.


              Other very important perks

              5) Scavenger / Fully Loaded - Depending on which turns out to be more effective

              6) Tac Resist - essential in Objective gamemodes (although maybe less important in Ghosts since they god rid of most of those gamemodes)

              7) Blast Shield - same as above

              8) Sleight of Hands - You can't reload fast enough

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                24. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                Good choices there dude. I also noticed that some perks now seem to cost 3 points, which makes my initial top 4 harder to get. Was there any announcement from IW about this change? Or did they just change them on the QT? If you have a link to any website which shows the changes then please share.

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                  25. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                  I'll be using the ultimate anti-killstreak/anti-lame equipment as in any other CoD game

                  • Tac Resist ( immune to cheap stuns aka free kills )
                  • Sitrep ( immune to various camper stuff, actually not immune but easily avoidable )
                  • Blindeye ( invisible to players reaching high killstreaks making them useless against me )
                  • Off the Grid (it is now 3 points so ill prolly remove my lethal or tac, anyway enemies wont see me coming)


                  With this loadout its just my gun against your gun, my skill and my brain against your skill and your brain, and 90% of the times i win

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                    26. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                    Anti-Camper Class!!! LOLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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                      27. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                      It was shown in the squads preview/interview with Mark Rubin at IGN


                      Here's an picture from it: http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/664/6222/original.jpg

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                        28. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                        Man, let's be for real: all you guys wanna run "Off the Grid" so you can camp your ass off and not have to earn your kills and killstreaks (they DID change it back to BO1 Ghost, or MW3 w/Assassin where you don't have to be moving even with a UAV up, after all). Everyone knows 95% of the people running Ghost in BO1 (or Assassin in MW3) camp nonstop with it and ruin the game for everyone actually trying to play the game properly and have fun with it, and like it or not, that IS how the game's meant to be played: by running around and racking up your kills, always has been (it's an arcade-style shooter, after all, not a "war simulator").


                        Luckily, I'll be playing the new Cranked gamemode where you'll f'ing explode if you sit and wait in a corner (or behind a window, whatever) for unearned kills to come to you with your little Claymore/Bouncing Betties/Trophy Systems and Shotties/Target Finders, so I won't have to deal with you lazy ass beotches. *j/k* Anyways...


                        NOTE: I don't primarily use any 1 weapon class or setup in any CoD game, I have a bunch of different class setups with different weapons and perks and regularly switch off between them...


                        Class 1 (Defensive class):

                        -Painkiller (2 points)

                        -Stopper (2 points)

                        -Sleight of Hand (2 points)

                        -On the Go (2 points)


                        Class 2 (If I'm getting EMP'ed/FB'ed/tubed like crazy):

                        -Stopper (2 points)

                        -Sleight of Hand (2 points)

                        -Tac Resist (2 points)

                        -Blast Shield (2 points)


                        Stopper is a must for me because the insane amount of flinching and pushing me off target when getting shot in past IW games always annoyed the hell out of me, I'll admit that's one thing Treyarch actually got right with BO2.


                        Class 3 (Killer Class):

                        -Deadeye (5 points)

                        -Stalker (3 points)

                        -Quickdraw (3 points)


                        -Ultimate rushing class, I can ADS super fast while not having my movement affected afterwards and my gun grows more powerful with every kill which, coupled with a Rapid Fire attachment on my AR/SMG, will make for a highly toxic combination (or an Extended Mags attachment since I won't have a secondary or equipment), the only weakness here is I won't have quick reload times and I'm susceptible to mad flinching when getting shot, I'll also have to sacrifice tacticals/equipment.


                        Or if I ever decide to play KC/FFA/TDM for some reason (to get achievements, whatever)...


                        Class 4 (Anti-Camper/Shotgunner/Sniper Class):

                        -Danger Close (4 points)-So I can tube the sh!t out of these invisible camping scrubs and have a nice counter for shotguns if they're still as OP as they were in BO2, and snipers from across the map.

                        -Extra Tactical (1 point)-So I can spam the sh!t out of them with flashbangs/concussions/EMPs and find out where they are (see below).

                        -Recon (1 point)-So I can continue to spam them with flashbangs/concussions/EMPs and find out where they're at.

                        -Strong Arm (1 point)-So I can do it fast.

                        -Ready Up (1 point)-So I can ready my gun/tube as soon as I approach them after pinpointing their camping spot(s).


                        That last one is probably a must for anyone not playing Cranked because I guarantee you there's gonna be tons of people camping with Off the Grid in TDM/KC/FFA (have they not learned their lesson from BO1 and MW3? It's gonna get abused like hell again just like it was in those games, I guar-damn-tee it).

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                          29. Re: What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

                          I guess im the exception since i ran with anti-UAV perks so i could rush against people without them seeing me coming.
                          Anyway dont be too excited by Cranked mode, since there will be 15 people out of 18 running like crazy for the whole map camping is a pretty good idea because there will always be someone passing by

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