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    looking to start a zombies clan

      im looking to start a zombie clan for people who play lotz of zombies. im tired of going public and either ppl quiting or there complete asss etc. itz nothing too serious just tryout mic required and dont be less then 10 years young if you tryen to join hmu on XBOX LIVE : bxgunner94

      ps: i have yet to deside a name i dont know if there should even be one lml

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          Re: looking to start a zombies clan

          Try joining NZP (Nazi Zombie Pros) or TZBC (ThatZomBClan) They both have existing members. Less work for you. Instant access to good players. And it will make the existing zombie clans stronger. Stronger clans means more possibility to play games at a time that works for you. To apply to NZP fill out the Application in the "New Members" forum here:

          Home | Nazi Zombie Pros

          Or TZBC Hit up "ThatZomBPlayer" On ps3 to request a tryout.

          Or keep doing what your doing and best of luck with recruitment. If you get more than 4 clan members hit up NZP for a grief tournament request. We love new competition. It's hard to come by these days.

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